The Kangaroo Costume...

Where do I begin? With a photo like this, the jumping off point could be just about anywhere. This costume has seen its share of wear, to say the very least. My little Christian and I were cleaning his room the other day and low and behold it surfaced again. I said to him, "Hey buddy, think it's time to retire this thing?" With a VERY serious look he considered then answered, "I think so, but can I just put it on one more time?" Of course!! We get the thing on, which by now is about a size too small and he asks me to take a picture of him in it so he can remember it after it's gone. This is probably one of my favorite photos of Christian because it's just so... so.... HIM! Fully smartass, fully hilarious, my sweet little boy. I get one thumbs up and he peels the thing off and puts it in the donate box.

I'm a lucky momma with three wonderful kids. I hope they are never too "cool" to kiss me in front of their friends or hold my hand or cuddle with me. They are growing up too fast, which makes me happy and proud and sad all at the same time. Cherish every moment, they just to by way way way too quickly.

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